Holiday Healthy Teeth Tips

The holiday season is nearly here, a special time for family gatherings and delicious buffets filled with tempting meats, casseroles, and candies. However, such indulgences can also present a challenge for maintaining healthy habits, including our oral hygiene routines. As such, it’s important to have a plan in place to keep our teeth and gums in check during the holidays.

Here are some tips you can incorporate to maintain your dental care over the next few months and into the new year.

1.      Eat Teeth-Healthy Foods

Naturally, given the abundance of sugary treats during the holiday season, it can be difficult to maintain a dental health routine. However, by incorporating teeth-friendly foods into your diets, you can help prevent cavities and tooth decay.

Crunchy fruits and vegetables, such as apples, carrots, and celery, act as natural tooth scrubbers while also providing essential vitamins and nutrients. Whole grains like whole wheat bread and brown rice contain less sugar than their refined counterparts and can aid in saliva production, strengthening enamel.

But that doesn’t mean snacking has to be boring! Try dipping sliced veggies in hummus or make homemade trail mix with whole grain cereal, nuts, and dried fruit for a tasty treat. You can also blend them into homemade fruit smoothies.

2.      Opt for Light-Colored or Clear Beverages

The festivities wouldn’t be complete without a drink in hand.  However, some of our favorite holiday beverages can have a negative impact on our dental health. For example, dark-colored drinks like red wine and cranberry juice can easily stain the teeth, leading to unsightly discoloration down the line.

Instead, opt for lighter or clear options that still offer plenty of flavor without the added risk to your pearly whites. Incorporating this small switch into your holiday routine can help maintain a bright smile well into the new year.

3.      Drink Plenty of Water

While the beverage and food options during the holiday season may seem endless, it’s important to not forget about hydration. Drinking plenty of water can help wash away sticky or sugary residue left behind from holiday treats and keep your mouth clean. It can also prevent dry mouth, which can increase the risk of cavities and bad breath. Therefore, ensure you bring a water bottle with you to holiday gatherings, and don’t be afraid to make it your go-to drink choice throughout the season.

4.      Stick to Your Daily Oral Health Routine

Despite all the holiday treats and festivities, it’s important to stick to your regular oral health routine. This means brushing, flossing, and gurgling at least twice daily. It may be tempting to skip a brush here and there, but maintaining good dental hygiene will protect your teeth against cavities and decay.

And for those times when you’re away from home, consider keeping a toothbrush and floss in your purse or car so that you can clean your teeth while on the go.

Wrapping Up!

As you can see, keeping up with your oral hygiene during the holidays is simple–it’s actually just a matter of being mindful and staying disciplined. However, we understand that amidst all the festivities and indulgences, our best intentions may not always come to fruition. The good news is, if this happens, you can schedule a post-holiday checkup and cleaning with your dentist. They’ll assess any damage done and take measures to get your smile back on track.