3D Imaging


Our office uses the Galileos 3D imaging Dental Cone Beam for the most accurate, efficient, safe dental diagnostics currently available. This imaging technology makes diagnosing and treatment more accurate in the areas of implant placement, root canal treatment, periodontic procedures, oral surgery, and orthodontics such as Invisalign. The X-rays produced by the Galileos enables your dental team to view anatomical structures typically hidden with bitewing X-rays. 

I just fourteen seconds, the scan will take over 200 individual images to allow an in-dept look at your teeth and surrounding structures. Feel confident in knowing the levels of radiation used to take the X-ray are low and safe. With so many images taken so quickly, the Galileos produces a truly comprehensive view of your teeth, gums, bone, and other dental anatomy. 

What can digital X-rays tell the dentist?
  • Will detect cavities between the teeth
  • Can provide insight to what teeth are under the gums
  • Can alert the dentist to the presence of bone diseases
  • Allow your dentist to see how teeth are growing, before they come in
The four most common dental X-rays are:
  • Bite-Wing: This type of X-ray provides your dentist a look at the hind teeth on the top and bottom of the mouth.
  • Occlusal: This type of X-ray provides your dentist a look at the floor of your mouth to determine the bite of the upper or lower jaw. In children this type of X-ray gives your dentist the ability to monitor the development of the primary and adult teeth.
  • Panoramic: This type of X-ray provides an overall view of the teeth, jaws, joints of the jaw, and sinuses. Panoramic X-rays are usually reserved for individuals needing implant placement or orthodontic treatment.
  • Periapical: This type of X-ray provides your dentist with a look at the entire tooth including the crown and the bone that helps reinforce the tooth.

Digital X-rays are completely safe; in fact the improvement in technology that allows for digital X-rays has reduced radiation exposure by 80%. We also utilize lead shields to ensure that your exposure risk is as minimal as possible.