There are millions of bacteria living in your mouth and on your teeth and tongue. Most of these bacteria breed on your tongue and can multiply very fast. Brushing your tongue is important as it helps reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth while enabling you to achieve oral health. Cleaning your tongue can also help eliminate other oral problems, such as bad breath.

Why Should You Brush Your Tongue?

As mentioned earlier, your mouth is covered with numerous species of bacteria which target your tongue and teeth. The food and beverages you consume let bacteria settle on the tongue’s rough surface. This bacteria will continue to multiply and hide in the tongue structures unless eliminated. Therefore, it is essential to include cleaning your tongue as part of your dental care routine.

How to Brush Your Tongue

Dentists recommend you clean your tongue every time you clean your teeth. There are specific effective ways to brush your tongue:

  • Use a toothbrush – Grab a toothbrush and gently brush the entire tongue surface, starting at the back and working towards the front of your mouth. Follow back and forth and side-to-side strokes until your tongue feels clean.
  • Use tongue scrapers – Tongue scrapers are a great alternative to a standard toothbrush. They are designed with soft and gentle edge to help scrape the thin, mucous layer from the tongue. Tongue scrapers can be found at most local convenience stores. Some toothbrushes come with built-in tongue scrapers to help give your mouth a comprehensive clean.

What Are Benefits of Brushing Your Tongue?

  • Prevent tooth decay and reduce the risk of periodontal disease: Brushing your teeth can help eliminate food particles or bacteria clinging onto your teeth, but these bacteria can be transferred back to your teeth, via your saliva, within a couple of hours. Brushing your tongue, regularly, can help prevent tooth decay and other potential oral problems like periodontal disease.
  • Enhances taste: Brushing your tongue removes the plaque and bacteria on your tongue, which can improve your taste. By removing that dull taste, you can be able to taste your food and enjoy it better.
  • Eliminates odor-causing buildup: The presence of bacteria on your tongue can cause bad breath, which can be embarrassing. You can eliminate the harmful odor-causing buildup by cleaning your tongue daily, thus improving your breath and oral health.
  • Reduces the risk of oral thrush: Excessive growth of yeast in the mouth can lead to oral thrush infection, forming white patches on the tongue. Brushing your tongue frequently helps reduce the risk of this infection.

Does rinsing work?

Bacteria buildup is a group of microorganisms that cling together to form a sticky film on the tongue’s surface. These bacteria cannot be removed by mouthwashes, gargles, or drinking water. Instead, you need to physically remove the buildup by brushing your tongue.

Get Your Tongue Checked by a Qualified Dentist

Your oral health matters: hence why you need to stay on top of it to ensure good oral health. The first step to learning the importance of brushing your tongue is scheduling an appointment with a skilled dentist at Life Dental Group. 


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